Two new developments on the other side of Northwest Highway may give us a peek at what Prescott wants to do with its upscale housing in the Town Center, if and when they get built. The Grand Reserve on Lovers just east of Greenville and The Avery on Southwestern, between Abrams and Skillman, are marketing themselves as oh-so hip and trendy. 

The Grand Reserve says it is “Classically designed, spacious and elegant, here you can enjoy living in one of the city’s most affluent areas, while living within your means.” The Avery is even better: “Totally A List. Totally you. A modern urban village.”

You can check out the floor plans and the various amenities on the respective Web sites. The Grand Reserve has a concierge, while the Avery promises a clubhouse bar with iPod docking stations. There was no no mention of rents, though; I’ll call later today and see what I can find out. Just did it: I tried to leave a couple of messages at Grand Reserve, but I’m not sure they went through. Rents for one bedrooms at Avery go $955-$1335 for a one-bedroom, which works out $1 to $1.30 or so a square foot.

The other thing I found interesting? It seems odd to me that the Avery, which is in back of the Target on Northwest Highway, says that Highland Park Village is its neighborhood shopping center, or that the Grand Reserve says that Snider Plaza is only blocks away.