Dallas police have written more than 400 citations in the last three months—more than 100 of which were written to cyclists running stop signs, according to this report that aired last night on NBC 5. The story is about cyclists using bad manners and breaking rules on the trails, specifically around White Rock Lake.

Ted Barker, the neighbor quoted in the story, is not just upset by rude cyclists — he is also concerned about special event parking on grass, running groups that leave paint marks on the trail, off-trail dirt tracks and erosion at the lake, over flowing trash cans at the lake, especially after sporting events held at Winfrey Point. I hear from Mr. Baker frequently because he often copies me on emails he sends to the City of Dallas council people and park board members. He is a very passionate lake user and neighbor and I’m happy he got some of his concerns addressed — it’s frankly tough for me to keep up with him. As for the rude cyclists, I’ve seen them. I’ve also seen inconsiderate dog walkers, oblivious runners and plenty of bad drivers out there.

It’s a handful of jerks that can give one group a bad rap.