We just keep marching right into the 21st century. You should notice a row of icons at the bottom of this post (every post, in fact) that will alow you to print, email and share the post with your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious and a whole bunch of others. Haven’t you heard? Social networking is a big deal.

In addition, you’ll start to see what are called related item lines showing up — links to posts that are similar to the post you’re reading. That way, you can follow the entire discussion more easily. Coming soon: links to the people who wrote the posts, so that you can find other items that they posted.

We’ll be adding more upgrades over the next several months, all part of making the blog and Web site easier to use and more interesting to read. And many thanks to Dana Centola, who oversaw many of those changes. Dana last day was yesterday; she left us to go to SMU and get an MBA. Nicely done, Dana.