Many readers have told me they know and love swimming teacher Georgia Goggins, who was featured in the August Advocate. No wonder — she’s an amazing and energetic woman. Due to space constraints in our print product, I didn’t get to tell you much about Georgia’s husband, John Goggins who, like his wife, is a senior Olympian. Together the pair participated in the 2007 Senior Games in Louisville, KY.  John did the high jump, among other events and, up until just recently, the 70-something practiced regularly at the Lake Highlands High School field. "They’re pretty nice to me over there," he told me. He recently suffered a bout with skin cancer, but he remains very active (he was mowing the couple’s large lawn in the 100+ degree sun the day I interviewed his wife).

He was kind enough to send over this video-slideshow from their Olympic adventure. The couple lives in the Lochwood area and Georgia has taught swimming to kids from Lake Highlands and East Dallas for the past 40 years. In fact, when we called on photographer Sean McGinty to shoot her photo, he immediately knew who she was because he’d learned to swim from her some 20 years ago!

See the video after the jump.