Sam Merten in the Observer has a lengthy interview with former Preston Hollow councilman Mitch Rasansky, whose eight-year tenure on the city council ended last month. There are many highlights, not the least of which is Rasansky taking Mayor Park Cities to task in no uncertain terms. In fact, he makes my criticism seem pleasant.

"Not too many people pull the wool over my eyes, but he did," Rasansky said of Leppert. "I trusted the man, and I’m sorry I supported him. I surely would not support him in any future fields of battle unless he had a turnaround and realized the mistakes that he’s made."

My other favorite quote? "I have never seen someone with his voting record. [Leppert]  will not vote for something unless he’s on the winning side. Maybe a true politician is like that. Does the man not vote from his heart? Does he not have a backbone?"

Rasansky also explains his support for the Trinity toll road, which was not only surprising, but crucial in defeating the referendum. Rasansky said he thought it was a chance to get the federal government to pay for the highway and that he got bad information from city staff. “I don’t know if they were lying or if they didn’t know what the heck they were talking about,” he told Merten.