I’d be willing to bet that most of you have thought about our current economic situation and wondered how you and your family will be affected. But, have you considered how the recession affects needy animals? Yes, you read correctly – needy animals. Well, you might not have given it much thought, but someone has.

“The Great Shelter Dog Bailout,” a Dallas based movement with a Lake Highlands address, is taking on the problem. According to their website, most shelters and rescue groups that take in and care for abused and abandoned pets rely heavily on private donations. When donations start to run dry (like in a recession) many groups are forced to euthanize animals they cannot afford to care for.

In order to help, the website is selling shelter dog bailout paraphernalia and donating 20% of the profits to help animal shelters and rescue groups. Items include tote bags, t-shirts, buttons and mugs and it all costs around $20. For more information, or to purchase your own bailout dog gear, check out their website, Facebook page or the website for their spokesdog, Bella Rocchio.