A national survey recently confirmed what I (and many of you, I’m sure) came to realize long ago: Dallas is one of the least courteous cities in which to drive — and that’s putting it politely.

When I moved to the Lone Star State seven years ago, I learned very quickly that Texas drivers consistently do downright stupid things on the road: cut off other drivers, run red lights, don’t use blinkers, honk when they have to wait for someone to turn, tailgate … the list goes on. A story in this week’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram outlines the detailed findings of the survey, pointing out that according to the results, only drivers in New York City are ruder. The worst of it is that most of these actions might shave a few seconds or mere minutes off a normal commute to work or an afternoon spent running errands, but drivers apparently think their precious time is more important than the safety and lives of those around them. It’s one thing to be on the road with stupid drivers, but when those stupid drivers are selfish? It’s just plain scary.

Portland, Ore., was deemed the most couteous city by the survey. No Texas cities made it onto that top 10 list.