Tuesday night right after the Naughty Chef served up delicious but small fare at her housewarming shindig, I was still a little hungry so my husband and I dropped into the recently opened Ginger Thai at Mockingbird and Abrams in the Albertsons strip. We shared a plate of spicy noodles with shrimp. It was delivered to the table within five minutes of ordering, which initially caused concern — “did they just have it sitting back there under a heat lamp or something,” my date wondered. But the dish was fresh and satisfying with wide egg noodles spun into a deep red chili sauce under thickly sliced colorful red and green peppers topped with plump shrimp and another dash of red pepper for fun. The entrees are in the moderate $10 range — very fair for the portion size. The most remarkable thing about our short visit, beside the speedy service, was the sheer busyness of the place. The spot is very small — tables were occupied by a party of eight or so women, relaxed and chatty; two couples (one a man and a woman, the other two women) toting their own wine; and us. The to-go crowd was in and out the whole time. They must’ve been at least a dozen takeouts in the 20 minutes we were there.  Seems like this will be a user-friendly neighborhood joint good for hanging out or taking out and it’s really the only Thai place within several miles, so check it out.