I just got off the phone with Sean Hill Schulgen, one of five guys getting ready to re-open Bailey’s 1st & 10, which closed last November, as Lakewood 1st & 10. I just re-read the comments Back Talk readers left under the last post on this subject and learned that you guys have checked into it and know about as much as I do at this point. But here’s a recap anyway — they are meeting with the TABC this week, after which it could take a week or so to secure a liquor license. Sean says that they could be ready to open within a week of getting said license.

They have rehired the cook from Bailey’s and are interviewing waitresses/ bartenders and could potentially have some of the other former workers back as well.

The new owners are mostly from the area (Lakewood, M Streets and Lake Highlands, LHHS grads, and a couple Jesuit grads) and include a member of the Barraco family of Prego Pasta House fame. They are still shooting to open up for March Madness, March 19, but would be happy with April 1, and they promise to let us know as soon as something happens.