There’s a possibility that our little Northlake post office could close, Robin Norcorss of the LHAIA told me. The post office is located in the back corner of the Albertson’s shopping center at Ferndale and Northwest Highway, and it was Lake Highlands’ first post office. As Robin said, this would be an enormous loss for our community if it closed. In fact, we had a previous post office discussion on the blog about poor service.

Robin has been trying to get additional information from the postal authorities with limited success. However, the LHAIA has initiated a petition drive to save the post office. You can sign at the Ebby Halliday office and RESELL IT!, both located in Northlake Shopping Center. Additional petition locations will be forthcoming.

I use the station a lot — often walking to it — and have come to know Janet, Harry, and all the postal workers who’ve been there over the years. They have always been wonderfully friendly folks. And without fail I run into a neighbor or two every time I’m there.