A bad dogfight at the White Rock Dog Park Saturday took a turn for the worse when one dog owner pulled a knife and reportedly stabbed another dog owner in the face.

I’ve seen my share of ruckus ‘round the dog park but never anything that left such a mangled mess of both canine and human. According to this Morning News piece, it all happened after a pit bull/ Rhodesian Ridgeback mix attacked an Australian shepherd. Owners jumped in to break them up. Then the shepherd’s owner pulled a switchblade and started swinging, accidentally sticking the pit bull owner, a 30-year-old woman, just above the eye. The shepherd was left with a nearly gnawed off snout and the woman was left with a bloody gash, say witnesses.

Another strike for the pit bull.

My dog is possibly part pit bull — mostly lab, and probably some boxer, but you can see the slightest bit of pit in her features. She’s not agressive — except toward the vacuum cleaner — but I’ve never taken her to the dog park. I keep her home and we play in the yard, and when we walk I keep her very secure. Not because I’m afraid she’ll hurt anyone, but because I know most people are scared of pit bulls or anything that looks like one. And scared people do things like accidentally stabbing you in the face.

The pit bull owner, in this case, did accept, on the record, responsibility for her dog’s behavior and she also offered to pay the medical bills for the other dog. She won’t press charges, but the knife wielder did spend a night in the slammer.