With three of her seven daughters divorced, and a divorcee herself, Lake Highlands resident Jana Cole Bertrand knows a little bit about red flags when it comes to men. She draws on these experiences in a new book, “Beware the Red Flag Man: What Mothers Wish Their Daughters Could Know”. Bertrand’s book addresses the characteristics of such men and offers tips for things women should watch in their relationships. “I wish my readers will have hope and to rekindle a relationship with their mother or some other person they might listen to,” Bertrand says, “because so many of us are stubborn and want to do it on our own when there are so many things in life we need advice on. I have heard back from some of the readers that said they did go to their mother, and are so glad they did.” It was through many long sessions of journaling her thoughts that Bertrand’s book was born, and is now affecting the lives of young women. “The book just poured out of me to help girls make better choices so that they are not taking those bridal portraits down off the wall,” Bertrand says.