Lake Highlands Resident Craig Claybrook says being a wedding officiant is the most fun job he’s ever had. That’s impressive when you consider that his résumé includes “water skiing for SeaWorld”. As the holiday season begins to wind down, the wedding season cranks up starting in February and is in “high gear” in March and June, says Claybrook, who presides over a whopping 80 to 100 weddings a year. “I feel like I’m making a significant contribution into people’s lives, marriage and future,” Claybrook says. He began his career as a wedding officiant by helping out a friend who had too many ceremonies to perform, and has since become a sought-after wedding officiant in North Texas, even traveling to Houston and Tyler to lead people in saying “I do”. His website has three years’ worth of testimonials from satisfied customers, including a grandmother who states, “That was the best wedding we have ever been to — and we’ve been married 60 years.” Claybrook receives private instruction in oratory to improve his delivery, and apparently, it’s paying off.