I can’t take credit for this title. It was written by a blogger named Andrew to describe his church — Lake Highlands Church on McCree Road.  His post about his church centers on a recent Sunday morning sermon: "Our pastor, Dr. Jim Reynolds, has been talking for the past few weeks about being the church outside of the church building. He’s trying to combat the idea that worship is something that starts on Sunday morning and ends at noon." (The audio clips Andrew provides are definitely worth a listen.)

This was exactly what neighborhood pastors kept telling me when I interviewed them for our November cover story, that a neighborhood church means a church that ministers to the neighborhood, and exists for the sake of the neighborhood. I didn’t interview anyone at Lake Highlands Church, simply because we could only interview so many churches for the story, but I pored over the church’s website this week and was intrigued by its history and vision. The DMN religion blog noted the church’s 50th anniversary last year, and it was interesting to read about the church’s journey away from its Church of Christ roots to become an interdenominational church, and also that senior pastor Reynolds is a practicing attorney so he can "be self-supporting and not beholden to a congregation in order to preach boldly without fear of losing a church job."