On Saturday, Dec. 13, a dozen hard working gardeners spent the day tilling, building boxes, and shoveling sandy loam to lay in place the second community garden in Lake Highlands. Make sure to check out the slideshow pics.

After being built, the 30 plot boxes were positioned within the 94×106 land behind the church on McCree. With the help of a big Kubota tractor, the tilling went smoothly, and the loam was shoveled into each plot. Irrigation will be laid in next week (by professionals!) and eventually, a fence wills surround the perimeter. Among the plot holders are three LHCGers, A.L. Nickerson, Steve Clary and me, all taking on second plots. And Lake Highlands Elementary has claimed one for student participation (can’t wait to round up volunteers for this!)

Like the Lake Highlands Community Garden, the Highlands Christian Community Garden will be organic. There are still a few plots available. If interested, contact Gene Carlton, genecarl@swbell.net, 214.348.1802.