A 10-top "rockstars"-themed table at the Exchange Club‘s upcoming LH Live 2 event is being auctioned off on eBay. That in itself is amusing, but whoever created the listing is cracking me up.

The reserved table description touts "folded napkins and unique tablecloth" and "notoriety among your neighbors," among other perks, and a disclaimer near the bottom states that the pictured table is not the actual table that you are bidding on. The picture is of "an actual table," the seller says, but the one you will be sitting at come Saturday, Jan. 12 "might be better or it might be worse."

In the time I began writing this until now, the rockstars table was snapped up by former Dallas City Councilman Alan Walne for a buy-it-now price of $1,000. Another table, the "groupies" table, was purchased for the same price this morning; that listing pictures a table in the water, with similar disclaimers stating that the actual table would be circular and would not be in water, plus that buyer was required a have groupies mentality (LH dad bands are performing at the event). Bidding started at $300, but no one even had a chance to place one. Neighbors are obviously eager to support neighborhood charities and, apparently, gain notoriety among their neighbors.

I hear the number of reserved tables are limited, so we’ll keep you posted if other listings follow these successful auctions.

(And kudos to neighbor and Exchange Club member Bill Dunham for designing such a great event poster.)