Lake Highlands High School hosted a "Pat on the Back Breakfast" for participants in all fall athletic activities on Wednesday. In addition to student athletes from the football and volleyball teams, tennis players, cross country runners, cheerleaders, marching band members and the Highlandettes drill team were invited.

"We wanted a laid back way to express appreciation to these students who have given their best effort," said principal Walter Kelly. They have been burning the candle at both ends for months, and we wanted to spend some time recognizing and thanking them."

Said Kurt Stadelmann, a junior on the football team: ""That was really nice of Mr. Kelly and the school to invite us for donuts and give us a pat on the back. A bunch of the teachers came down to congratulate us for winning district and making it to the playoffs. It seems like the whole community was proud of us."

"I enjoyed hearing about the accomplishments of the other groups, too," said senior safety and occasional quarterback Travis Crawford. "Tennis and cross country both won district and the band, cheerleaders, and ‘Dettes all won big awards. This gave us a chance to congratulate each other."