Everyone but Tony Romo and Will Smith took the snap for Lake Highlands Saturday night in Corsicana, as the Wildcats squeaked past Tyler John Tyler in the second round of the football playoffs.

Junior quarterback Ricky Zorn ran in two touchdowns to get us started, and senior safety Travis Crawford stepped in and threw for 109 passing yards and two touchdowns of his own. Running back Desmond Roland even took a few snaps directly to the run (I should have known he had something up his sleeve when he told me at the pep rally I should be ready to watch him go.)

But the hero of the night was kicker Jason Dann, whose steady reliability we often take for granted. When Tyler missed the tying extra point to give us the win, it reminded us all to appreciate Ole Jason (even if he did dye his hair some crazy color for the playoffs). So, get your red cowbells ready. We face Klein Oak at 3 p.m. in Round Rock on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.