Last night I tuned in to The Ticket KTCK 1310 radio at about 6:45, just as Corby Davidson was nearing the end of his nightly Entertainment News segment. He was talking about the Tony Romo Will Smith appearance at LHHS when much to my delight, he recognized our very own Carol Toler for posting the news first. He mentioned that Carol is his next door neighbor (I verified with Carol this morning that that is in fact true … that would be a strange claim for him to fabricate but those guys are kind-a wacky so I checked with her just to be sure). He also mentioned Lindsay Toler, Carol’s daughter, who covered happenings during the Olympics from Beijing for the Dallas Morning News, and noted that the Tolers were "a family of writers".

Anyway, I’m green with envy, Carol. Mention during E-Nose … you’re BIGTIME!
Thanks to both Carol and JJ Pair for the great insider reports and photos.