While I know it’s a bit early to post this, it’s cool enough to put on your calendar.  And I’ll post it again just before the event.  On Saturday November 22nd between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm, bring your bags of leaves to the Lake Highlands Community Garden located at 7901 Goforth, behind the old Armory building at White Rock Trail and Goforth.  The Pack 890 Scouts will incorporate cottonseed meal into the leaves, which is high in nitrogen and accelerates decomposition.  They will mulch the leaves and return a bag of organic mulch fertilizer to you. 

The Scouts range in age from six to ten years old and will be assisted by their parents on this project.  They attend Lake Highlands, Moss Haven, Scofield, Hamilton Park and the Highlander schools.  This service project will teach the Scouts about conserving resources, protecting the environment and preserving natural beauty. The Scouts will earn a ‘Leave No Trace’ achievement patch.

The Lake Highlands Community Garden is proud to welcome Cub Scout Pack 890!