In the almost two years we’ve done this blog, the discussions have remained remarkably civil and intelligent. In that time, we’ve taken on some of the biggest neighborhood issues of the day, and readers and bloggers alike have usually shown restraint and good will. We have disagreed, sometimes vehemently, but we have almost always understood that everyone is entitled to an opinion.

That type of regular civil discourse happens very rarely in the blogosphere. That sensibility has always impressed those of us who keep an eye on things here at Back Talk. We take great pride in it. But we aren’t surprised, because we know how special our neighborhoods are.

That’s why some of the discussions over the past couple of weeks have been so troubling. It’s one thing to call those of us running the blog idiots or more — we’re professionals, and that comes with the territory of taking stances on neighborhood issues. But it’s inexcusable to call out fellow neighbors and commenters. There are other blogs in town that thrive on that type of mindless, mean exchange, and if you feel so inclined, go there and and type away.

Yes, it’s hot. Yes, gas prices are still high. Yes, the mood of the country seems sour. And yes, there is an election in the fall that could be especially divisive. But none of that is an excuse to behave badly on this blog. Make your point, but do it with logic and sound arguments — let’s keep this a blog where people feel comfortable coming every day to exchange ideas and learn something new.