I just caught the tail end of the first hour of today’s Think radio show on KERA; this show was about the Dallas Citizens Council (a favorite whipping post of the Observer’s Jim Schutze) and a book on the group’s history written by Dallas historian and author Darwin Payne. Like I said, I heard only the last 15 minutes of the segment, but it was an interesting take on Payne’s book and the Citizens Council’s role in some of Dallas’ major issues (desegregation, Trinity Tollroad, Downtown redevelopment). Former mayoral candidate and past Citizens Council chairman Tom Dunning also was on the program, and he said one of the reasons the group commissioned the book was the group’s attempt to set the record straight: Give the Council credit for the good things it has done in the city, and debunk some of the negative things the Council has been blamed for but didn’t actually have anything to do with. Here’s a link to Think’s podcasts; I imagine this one will pop up shortly.