The Dark Knight brought in a record-breaking $66.4 million on opening day, and the buzz around the movie hasn’t stopped since. I’ll admit it, that kind of hype lured me to the theater this weekend. And I’m glad it did. Normally I’m not much for action flicks because they tend to lack real plot development or stellar acting—but this one breaks the mold.
Although this film is only one in the line of movies based on the famed Batman comic, it’s not as juvenile as its predecessors. For example, darker tones come in the form of more sinister characters, like the Joker. Heath Ledger plays the infamous Joker and does a standout job. The actor truly disappears into the character, so you just see the Joker in all his brilliant creepiness. And at times, the good guys do bad things, so the line between villains and heroes is blurred somewhat.
Don’t get me wrong, this is still an action flick and it has plenty of climatic fight sequences and special effects to prove it. But unlike most action movies, this one isn’t lacking substance. Personally, when I sit through most action movies, I’m twiddling my thumbs in between the fight scenes. But The Dark Knight is actually entertaining, even between the fight scenes. Overall, I give the movie two thumbs up because it has everything: explosive action, layered characters, topnotch special effects, and solid acting performances—all things that make it well worth the $10. So go ahead, buy into the hype on this one.