I love feel good press.  It’s as good as a fine meal.  You sit back and give a contented ‘ah’, your belly filled temporarily with the knowledge that all is right in your world.  No furrowed brow about the latest scandal, no tears for disaster victims, no stress over the price of petrol.

Here’s a smile for you.  Our own Lake Highlands Elementary recent grad, Will Irby, has been accepted to participate in ‘Education in Actiion’s Lone Star Leadership Academy’ in Austin the first week of August.  Recommended by his 6th grade teacher Mark Dungan, Will’s selection was based on his outstanding academic success, his leadership skills, and his involvement in school and community activities.

An official Press Release was sent to his parents, Bob and D’Lynn, they forwarded it to me, the unofficial school PR girl. The Press Release stated that both State Senator John Carona and State Representative Allen Vaught would be notified.

Not one to have things pile up on my desk, I emailed both gentlemen saying that a photo op at LHE has been arranged for July 25th with Will and Mr. Dungan – would they like to join us?

While neither of them will be able to attend, here’s the really feel good part: The Honorable Allen Vaught personally emailed me, thanking me for letting him know of Will’s achievement and saying…’I will send this young man a letter of congratulation and best wishes’. And I just hung up the phone from Annette, a representative for the Honorable John Carona, saying pretty much the same thing: ‘The Senator will be out of town on the 25th but he extends his congratulations and best wishes to this outstanding young man’.

Regardless of your views on either politico, how cool for Will! He is an outstanding young man and he is being recognized for his achievement by our elected officials.

I too am proud of Will – and Bob and D’Lynn – and sure feel sated.

Friday, July 25th, 11:00am, Lake Highlands Elementary, 9501 Ferndale (probably on the really cool Commemorative Brick Patio in front of the school). I’ll be shooting Will, y’all come and give him a pat on the back!

Will receives a commendation for his chess playing skills from LHE teacher Edgar Beltran and Principal Kim Sullivan back in 2007.