Want to know the country’s most dangerous routes for a U.S. postman? Just look around: The Dallas postal service region ranks third in the country in terms of dogs biting carriers, according to a DMN story (check out the accompanying video, too). In 2006, 35 dog bites were reported; in 2007, 41 dog bites were reported. In 75206 and 75214 alone, seven carriers were bitten by dogs apparently not properly restrained by their owners. And that, carriers told the News, is the problem: Some owners don’t seem to care whether their pets take a chomp out of the postman; even if a dog does bite a carrier, Texas apparently leads the nation in lax penalties for offenders, postal workers told the News. Interestingly enough, if a carrier is bitten, the dog is quarantined for 10 days to check for rabies; if rabies isn’t found, the dog is released to its owner, and the postal service is notified; then the postal carrier has to check for recidivism himself or herself. According to postal officials, threatening to stop home mail delivery stops the loose-dog problem 99% of the time; the other one percent, though, continue to create a big problem.