Sunday night:  28 comments on the controversial Skillman/Church development.  Like that wouldn’t be enough. Countless (‘cause I’m not counting, it’s Sunday night) comments on all the other developmental controversy going on in Lake Highlands.  It’s a hard day’s night and fight and rightly so, it’s difficult stuff for everyone. 

Take a breath, all, and look at what Lake Highlands Community Garden plot holder M.E. Clary, part of ‘Team Clary’ captured on this fine evening at the Garden.  Man, we really do have some good stuff goin’ on.  Ya jes gotta stop for a minute and smell the tomatoes.  Not being flip, just blown away by good LH stuff with no one yelling.

Grace Clary and Robin Moss Norcross, above, looking for dinner, perhaps?

Steve Clary, below, one of the hardest worker bees I’ve ever seen, takes a break.