Grab your pens and head to the Lake Highlands Rec Center on Saturday June 28th anytime between 3 and 6 pm. Some of our neighbors will be hosting a book signing party for…one of our neighbors.

Roger Hohnstein and Mary Kay Thomas will welcome Chris Kelley and Filiberto Pereira, authors of ‘I Was A Stranger’. Mr. Kelley is a long time LH resident and was a DMN guy for 27 years, Mr. Pereira not so much. He’s a guy who, in 1969, at 105 pounds, fled Cuba and landed in Texas by virtue of a ‘Freedom Flight’ to become a minister and establish an asylum in Los Fresnos for refugees fleeing Cuba.

And you can read all about his amazing journey by picking up a copy of ‘I Was A Stranger’. Or check it out in advance by clicking here. There will also be cold refreshments, snacks and Cuban music at the festivities so head on over, pick up a book about a cool story, visit, and pat these good neighbors on the back for finally, after 11 years, getting the book done!

The Lake Highlands Rec Center is located at 9940 White Rock Trail, phone 214 457-5266.