Being the hyper-local publication that we are, it’s not very often we bring you information from outside the neighborhood. But for this, I made an exception. Hawaiian Falls in Garland has a cool program that I think more people should know about, so here’s the scoop:
This water park is launching its Family of the Week program, which gives free tickets to those that have endured some sort of hardship this past year.
Unfortunately, most of us know people who fit that bill, which is why I’m blogging about it here.
If you want to help a family or single parent that’s had an exceptionally tough year, you can nominate them for this program. Just send an e-mail to explaining why you think this family or parent is so deserving. Just make sure you keep it to 100 words.
All the winning families will get eight free day passes to Hawaiian Falls, plus a free cabana rental for the whole day (sorry, sunscreen not included). Sure, a free day at a water park might not be a fix-all for problems, but it’s a nice gesture nonetheless.