Last week I posted info about a reported sexual attack in Lake Highlands. You remember, it was all over the news and left a lot of us worried and disgusted — A 23-year-old woman said four men forced her into a van outside Kroger at Lake Highlands Drive and Northwest Highway. Then, according to her story, they took her over to the CVS parking lot across the street where at least one of them raped her. No one questioned her story (at least out loud). Even though it was outrageous. Even though a police spokesman said it was highly unusual for four people to conspire on a crime like this. Even though the same spokesperson said there was "little evidence to go on". We all just wondered how something so awful could happen so close to home, at the businesses we frequent.

Thanks to an observant Back Talk reader, I learned this morning that police (only a week or so since the crime) have dropped the investigation. Seems there is absolutely no evidence to back up the woman’s story. Even a surveillance camera covering the site where she said the rape occurred picked up nothing.

Now if I was the victim of the terrible and violent crime she described to police last week, and the police dropped the investigation after a week — I’d be making some noise. Somebody would be making noise. But — chirp — no noise. The case will undoubtedly go away quietly without an investigation into if she made up the story … and if she did, at what cost to the police department or the public? The story will go away sans the hoopla that accompanied the original story. And most will just remember, even if erroneously, that a violent sex crime happened here in Lake Highlands.