How very appropriate that as I was heading out the door to water Pairadise over at the Lake Highlands Community Garden, I checked email one last time before shutting down. Here’s the message I had from Robin Norcross, fellow gardener:

"Our founding gardener, AL Nickerson, will receive a mayoral proclomation for his vision and continued efforts in making the first city of Dallas community garden a reality. Council Member Jerry Allen invites all of us to be present for the festivities which will be at 9:00 am, Wednesday, June 18th, at City Hall in the 6th floor briefing room. Congrats AL, very well deserved!"

I absolutely agree and I absolutely will be there. I would encourage anyone interested in this really cool venture to be there too. Lake Highlands residents have much to be proud of with this first Community Garden. And it was this guy who did this amazing thing. See you at the ceremony, A.L.!