My guess is that if you’re here reading your neighborhood magazine’s blog, you’re probably also the kind of person that uses the web to look up phone number, addresses and directions. Which means you probably have no use for the Yellow Pages and White Pages when they’re left on your doorstep, and you end up either (hopefully) recycling the books or tossing them in the trash bin.

If that’s true, there’s a site aiming to do something about that: It’s not run by those producing the books, but rather by people hoping to lobby the company to proactively stop delivering the publications to everyone and their dog.

On the site, you can fill out a form that’s then sent on to the individual publisher of Yellow and White Pages in your area. Whether they comply or not is up to them, and they’re not held liable in any way if they don’t. Still, it might be worth a try.

To fill out the form, click here.