On Saturday on page 2, The News had a four-paragraph story that said that the Trinity River project (yes, the one we had all the fuss about) made a list of the country’s most nefarious pork barrel wastes of government money. Or at least it did if you could decipher it. Which, thankfully, Jim Schutze at the Observer managed to do.)

So what do we see in Monday’s paper? A story about how wonderful the Trinity project is — more specifically, the Great Trinity Forest program. It’s on the front page of the paper, and the web version included video. In other words, both were more than four paragraphs buried on page 2.

Coincidence? Yes, and I’m going to be invited to Mayor Park Cities next invitation-only soiree. I take a lot of flack here for keeping an eye on The News, but when it does stuff like this, someone has to say something.