For all of the George Bush haters out there, here’s another reason to dislike the guy: He’s closing down the La Madeleine restaurant at Mockingbird and Central.

Well, OK, that’s not quite the straight skinny. The restaurant, along with all of the other stores in that strip center, is closing sometime between 2009 and 2011 in all likelihood, according to a story in the DMN. The 2009 date is when construction on the presidential library, which will be located somewhere up central from Mockingbird, is slated to begin; and 2011 is when the main lease for CVS Pharmacy on the corner of the center expires.

SMU says it expects the land beneath the center to be used for university buildings such as athletic fields, parking or other school-related buildings, but the trigger point for its removal is the library. Among the other stores currently occupying the center, which was built by W.W. Caruth Jr. and opened with a Tom Thumb supermarket as the anchor, are Starbucks, Horchow Finale, Roly Poly and Pokey O’s Cookies & Ice Cream.