The Lads were moving slowly this morning after a late night learning Texas-style country and western dancing at the Red River Saloon. James and Danny, the two British soccer referees staying with us, were up at dawn to train with the other refs, but they would rather have stayed in bed. Their workouts are surprisingly tough because they must be fit enough to keep up with the top athletes from all over the world who have desended upon Dallas for this prestigious international tournament.

They enjoyed touring Dealey Plaza, but didn’t bite on the conspiracy theory ("a marine could have made that shot alone.") They came home with boots and ten-gallon hats from their visit to Ft. Worth, and they practiced their "Howdy ma’ams" all the way home. (We told them that was a mistake – chicks dig their British accents.)

The Lads plan to watch a little American soccer tonight at the Boneyard when LH takes on Wylie, hoping to secure a spot in the playoffs. And they’ve been given their first referee assignments, calling games at Richland College all day Saturday. If you’d like to see talented world athletes at work, if you’d like to see an environment where Christians, Jews, and Muslims practice friendship and mutual respect & admiration, you’re just a short drive away from Dallas Cup and the Richland soccer fields.