Even though there’s no school tomorrow for RISD kids, if your student goes to Lake Highlands Elementary, Westwood Junior High or Pearce High School, you can still check on their progress.

RISD is debuting a new program called Star_PortalTM at the above three schools. The program provides round the clock gradebook, attendance and demographics on line. While the information is designed as a convenience for students and their parents or guardians, RISD expects teachers to post assignment scores within five (5) school days of the assignment due date. (Some projects and assignments may take longer to complete and grade and, therefore, may not be updated as quickly as other assignments). Teachers are encouraged to communicate regularly with parents, guardians and students in these instances with this new cyber tool available to them.

If you’re a parent or student at LHE, Westwood or Pearce and want to sign up, Click here:

I’ve signed up and been approved. I haven’t yet checked it out (not that I am anticipating anything I don’t already know from verbally communicating with my 4th grader’s teachers), but I’m looking forward to seeing how it works.