Looks like Angela Hunt is back in the saddle with an interesting idea: A streetcar system connecting all of the various developing areas in and around Downtown. Hunt points out on her blog that the one big issue holding downtown back now that the area clearly has momentum (thanks in large part to the tens of millions of dollars of city subsidies, but that’s a subject for another day), we need to develop something to connect the various development dots. Her solution: a permanent, rails-in-the-ground streetcar system. Hunt correctly points out that we’re probably not going to be getting any funding help from DART, given that agency’s tapped-out status, so she suggests the city somehow temporarily fund a rubber-on-the-rim streetcar system (mounted on tires) until we figure out a way to pay for the permanent system. It’s an interesting and forward-thinking plan, admittedly short on details at the moment, but with Hunt’s pledge to work with fellow councilmen to flesh it all out sooner rather than later. Take a look and see what you think.