Jim Serroka, a long-time Advocate reader (he has put up with us from the beginning) was in Buenos Aires last fall. And guess what Buenos Aires has? A Calatrava Bridge!

Jim snapped several pictures, two of which I’ve posted here. His wife, Dolores, says: "It’s supposed to evoke the image of a tango dancer. It’s so highly stylized that I really have to use my imagination to visualize the tango dancer."

This is only a pedestrian footbridge (called the Footbridge Puerto Mujer), which means that Buenos Aires is obviously not as sophisticated or cosmopolitan a city as Dallas. How do I know this? Because we’re supposed to get three Calatrava bridges — three traffic bridges, in fact, over the Trinity. This, as a bunch of big deal people have said for several years, will make Dallas even more fantastic than it already is.

I will mention one more thing: One end of the Buenos Aires Calatrava is near a Hooters. See what we have to look forward to?