Bill Keffer isn’t isn’t letting the fact that he lost this race last time stop him this time, and Carol Kent is hoping to switch from the Richardson ISD board to the House of Representatives.

The official press release from Keffer touts his "grassroots Republican" campaign and states that District 107 expects its representative to be "a leader on conservative issues." Keffer, who served in this seat from 2003-2006, will be trying to unseat Lakewood Heights resident and Democrat Allen Vaught, the newcomer to whom he lost during the November 2006 election. Both men already are being lambasted by organizations on opposite ends of the political spectrum — Keffer for his supposed poor environmental record and Vaught for his alleged fiscal irresponsibility. Vaught likely won the last election by campaigning vehemently on public education issues, and some recent publicity about his military service in Iraq won’t hurt him. But Texas Monthly political writer Paul Burka identified him months ago as one of the 2008 election’s most vulnerable Democrats.

In District 102, Kent, who has served on Richardson’s board since 2004 and describes herself as a "centrist Democrat", is taking on Republican incumbent Tony Goolsby. I’m not finding much online chatter about this election yet, but according to Kent’s press release, she plans to run on a public education platform based on her local school board experience.