The pundits, including more than a few visitors here, have insisted that Dallas County is slowly and surely becoming Democratic. I have expressed my doubts, and been rebuffed on more than one occasion.

But let me offer three races to watch, after yesterday’s filing deadline for November’s election. None of the three Republican candidates are world-beaters, yet two will remain in Republican hands, and one has a 50-50 chance to go back to the GOP. (And no, Lupe Valdez running against the Swimming Pool sheriff again isn’t included.)

• Fifth Congressional District: Republican Jeb Hensarling apparently won’t have a Democratic opponent. The seat is listed as safe by most of the Beltway prognosticators, even if Hensarling did have someone running against him.

• 32nd congressional district: The GOP’s Pete Sessions will run against one of three Democrats — only one of whom seems to have any sort of organization. And that candidate, a retired minister named Steve Love, doesn’t appear to have impressed the Beltway types. The seat is listed as safe Republican.

• Texas District 107: Republican Bill Keffer, who lost to Democrat Allen Vaught by 3 1/2 points in 2006, is running against Vaught again. The district includes East Dallas, Lakewood and Lake Highlands. If Vaught wins the rematch, I’d be willing to concede there might be something to this Democratic thing. But it will be close. Keffer should be well-financed and Vaught is vulnerable, given the shenanigans in the Legislature last term.