In the "you’re starting to sound like an old man" vein, James Ragland takes on pajamas-in-public-wearing young women in today’s DMN column, equating that particular fashion trend to the "disrepectful" kids waddling around with their pants near their thighs. Ragland postulates that perhaps the young women who wear pj’s everywhere and then, when they bend over, their "pj’s don’t make the whole trip" are simply people who have lost all sense of public decorum. Maybe he’s right, or maybe he’s just getting his knickers in a knot about something that is just the current fashion-trend equivalent of rolling cigarettes into a t-shirt sleeve or covering a body in tattoos or wearing those garbage-can-sized bell-bottoms in public. In fact, I don’t support the pj’s in public trend, it does provide a less-permanent alternative (as far as trends go) than having tats all over a body.