I really don’t like to keep making fun of Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper, but:

Two men who fed unwitting Richardson teachers and school staff pot-laced muffins in a highly publicized prank gone bad were sentenced Friday to deferred adjudication probation. The men were 18 when they admitted delivering the muffins to Lake Highlands High School in May 2006 as a "senior prank."

This showed up on The News’ website at 1:25 p.m. on Friday. Obviously, the reporter and copy desk, seeing that Lake Highlands is in the RISD, assumed the school was in Richardson. I have to go to my State Fair wine thing; if anyone notices when The News corrects the mistake, please post a comment.

No wonder the newspaper business is in such trouble — its employees keep moving high schools from city to city.

Update: The News fixed the lede on the website nine hours later. Thankfully, Lake Highlands High School is back in Dallas.