Sam Merten of has written a great piece about the the Interlocal Agreement (ILA), which the NTTA confirmed is the most recent agreement between the city and the NTTA. It describes some of the initial funding agreements that the NTTA has put together.  It also reveals a great deal about "the facts" as put forth by our Mayor Leppert.

Part of what the NTTA said is this "…in order to make the project feasible, "the turnpike project would be restricted to passenger cars and light trucks only."  As compared to what Leppert and the Belo Parkway people are now saying — trucks will use it.

The closing paragraphs are eye-openers…

"Mayor Leppert has said throughout this campaign that he has been in constant contact with officials from the NTTA, TxDOT and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Based on this story and the one I posted yesterday, clearly the NTTA’s information contradicts a lot of what Mayor Leppert has said.

His integrity has become a serious question throughout this campaign, raising doubts about his ability to run Dallas honestly. No matter where you stand on this debate, Leppert has been caught providing misinformation to the public on a serious matter. In addition, he is ignoring environmental issues that are apparent to the NTTA by allowing large trucks on this road to please a political donor. Are citizens supposed to believe this will stop once the Nov. 6 election is over."

Go read the rest of it.

And then attend the Trinity debate tonight at Knights of Columbus Hall, sponsored by Grassroots Citizens of Dallas County.  It starts at 7:00 PM at 10110 Shoreview, Dallas 75238.  That’s just north of the NW Highway @ Audelia intersection.