By now many Lake Highlanders have realized Hog Wild has closed its doors and are probably wondering what’s up? I just got off the phone with owner Tammy Curry, who has decided that trying to be a restaurateur while keeping an accounting business going has taken too great a toll. "I was working 96-hour weeks," she told me. Ouch.

But Curry doesn’t want to see Hog Wild go belly up. "I love it there," she said, adding that "the community has been great" with support for the business.

So she’s looking for a buyer to sub-lease the restaurant and keep the name. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at running a barbecue joint, give Curry a call. She says she has a "wonderful banker" who’s willing to work with a qualified prospective owner to help finance the deal.

Curry’s number is 214-537-7213.