Recently, I witnessed a police chase in Lake Highlands. Teens in a stolen car careened down Skillman then turned onto Church Road toward the high school. At first I was horrified, then I got to giggling. As the teens bolted from the car and ran, the middle-aged officers easily caught and arrested them. Seems the young thieves couldn’t run in their baggy pants.

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway wants to outlaw sagging pants, according to an article in The Dallas Morning News. I’m all for it. I’m tired of being exposed to the underwear of neighborhood kids as I drive down the street or venture into local businesses and restaurants. I understand that teens of all times have expressed themselves through fashion and that most teens like to wear things that are a little risque. (In my day, it was the scandalous Red Snap jeans.) But the sagging pants that Mr. Caraway wants to address take scandal to a whole new level.

Teachers at Forest Meadow and Lake Highlands High have long complained that they struggle to keep the kids decent at school. They have rules prohibiting the sag, but many parents complain if their child is reprimanded. When parents are called, they refuse to leave work to bring a change of clothes, and no one from the school wants to take responsibility for sending these kids walking home during the mid-day, wreaking who knows what kind of havoc along the way. This new law would help school administrators enforce their no-sag rules. And girls sitting in class wouldn’t have to look at boys’ underwear all day at school.