Plastic surgery’s favorite local magazine has apparently caused quite a commotion  with its current cover story touting Southlake as pretty near perfect (which is pretty much the headline, actually). Not everyone in Tarrant County, which does seem a long way from D’s office on Oak Lawn, appreciates the magazine’s wicked, hip and edgy sense of humor. How uncool of them.

So what is Southlake, which isn’t even in my Dallas Mapsco, doing on the cover of D? I have the feeling that D wouldn’t do a similar story about Midlothian, which is more or less the same distance away and also in another county, no matter how good the town’s football team was. Hint: Southlake’s median household income is about $130,000; Midlothian’s is about $50,000. Some people — though certainly not me, who respects the intrepid journalists over there — might call that sucking up.

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And how about this for a conspiracy theory? We know that D, led by publisher Wick Allison and editor Tim Rogers, believes the world will come to an end if we don’t build the thing I’m not writing about. And Southlake is northwest of Dallas, so that anyone who commutes from Southlake to Dallas would benefit from that thing, while those of who live here and aren’t perfect pay to make life easier for the Southlake commuters. That, no doubt, makes perfect sense in D’s world.