There were fried sweet potatoes and fried burritos and fried banana pudding, and some other fried stuff too, but the winners of this State Fair of Texas 2007 Big Tex Choice Awards turned out to be two sweet-tooth-oriented innovations: Fried cookie dough (made by last year’s Fried Coke inventor) and fried latte. I know, because I was there to taste the extra portions after the Fair’s three-judge panel made their decision Monday morning. (Shameless plug: In addition to our Advocate magazine, we also publish the annual Official State Fair of Texas Visitors Guide.) Anyway, I can tell you that both winners were excellent, very sweet and probably filled with a disgusting amount of calories. I will say that a dark-horse candidate (had I been a judge, anyway) would have been the fried sweet potato pie — surprisingly sweet and fried in a triangle-shaped pastry. The News, Channel 11 and virtually every media outlet in town carried the story Monday, since the Fair’s fried food offerings are becoming an annual media event and since there wasn’t much else going on yesterday (no new DISD revelations to offer up, I guess). Anyway, if you’re planning to attend the Fair this year (Sept. 28-Oct. 21), grab a copy of our Guide as you enter the Fair and flip to the pages with the fried food update and a map showing you where to find each of the seven Big Tex Choice food finalists.