When my wife got her first ticket — ever –– I knew I wasn’t crazy about people complaining about more speeding tickets this year. And THEN it happened to me too as I went lumbering along in my pokey pick-up. And others here have commented on it. Here’s the good news…

Some options if it happens to you next:

1. Pay the ticket if you have more discretionary income than time.  LOL

2. Take Defensive Driving.  We got a $50 insurance refund from my wife’s certificate and 10% off for the next 3 years.  Try this one for only $29.99 online and a laugh.  www.comedydefensivedriving.com

3. Request "deferred adjudication" if you honestly believe it was just a brain fart and you can fly straight and narrow for the next several months.  Or else you might as well have chosen option 1 because you now owe the ticket and it goes on your record when you break probation.  This does work well however if you get stuck in the eligibility limitations placed on option 2.

4. Plead innocent and request a trial by jury.   Ok, not your first choice?  Let me put some meat on that bone.  a) You don’t pay a dime for another 6 months at least because that’s how backed up the courts are downtown.  b) When you do show up, there is a terrific chance your ticket will not be contested by a witness a.k.a. the officer has more important things to do around the city.  And guess what? All the citations are dismissed for FREE!  c) Should you be so unfortunate to have your officer in person, you can still avert trial by asking for option 2 or 3 above and it will be gladly be granted.  No one there wants to go to trial.

Hope you never need this advice.  Safe driving!