Want to know how to effectively lobby the Texas Legislature? Buy it $6,000 worth of breakfast tacos. It worked for TXU.

The Star-Telegram broke the story this morning that the utility and its prospective owners spent $17 million — including the tacos — to lobby the Legislature not to do anything to impede the TXU deal. It was, of course, money well spent, since the Legislature did exactly nothing. Robert Wilonsky at the Observer linked to the entire report, compiled by Texans for Public Justice.

Among the choice nuggets: Former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk earned $351,000 as a lobbyist, while TXU lobbyist Chris Shields reported spending up to $150 for dinner for Sen. John Carona, whose district includes East Dallas and Lake Highlands. Hope that included a nice bottle of wine, as the restaurant they ate at has an award-winning list.