Sometime after 9 a.m. tomorrow, the City Council will vote to accept the TrinityVote petitions as an ordinance or schedule a date for the referendum. Or so it says on the schedule for tomorrow’s meeting.

Note to conspiracy theorists, including me: No hint of a lawsuit to overturn the petition drive on tomorrow’s agenda. So it looks like this thing will actually go to the voters on Nov. 6. Because the council certainly wouldn’t want to bend to the will of the people who pay their salary and accept the toll road petitions as a fait accompli.

I will be on hand for the festivities, with fedora and note pad (mine is a little nicer than the one in the photo). I hope to accomplish several things with my presence: First, to impress upon the council how seriously many of us take this vote, since I am notorious for rarely leaving the house unless there is a bar involved. And second, to ask Mayor Park Cities, if I get a chance, how he is possibly going to hire 250 new cops and cut taxes at the same time.