And it’s Web Mayfield. Web, send an e-mail here so we can get your restaurant gift certificates to you.

Web’s suggestion? That we figure out a way to add comments to our RSS feed. Not only was this technically impressive — RSS feed, indeed — but so was his reasoning: "The comments are frequently as interesting as the posts themselves." Web’s taste is impeccable, for regular visitors to Back Talk already know that the visitor comments are almost always intelligent, meaningful and add to the discussion. As opposed to anything Wamre and I say.

In fact, this suggestion, as well as most of the others, are things we have been talking about for the past six weeks or so. We’re planning a major renovation to our blogs and web site, which should be complete by the end of the year. We’re going to keep the stuff that works, add some really spiffy new stuff (like a way for visitors to make one-off posts without registering as bloggers), and make it easier to access the blogs through e-mail and improved RSS feeds.

Finally, blogger about town Michael Davis gets the $20 in gift certificates for the best suggestion written in text-message speak. How good was it? It was five paragraphs long, and by the time Wamre finished it, his head hurt.